Our founders have been importing and selling marbles & stones in the United States for over 20 years. These stones can be sourced and found worldwide. Currently there is a particular niche and need for Italian White marbles found in the beautiful Toscan Apuane mountain range. Hereby is the birth of the Carrara portion of Marina & Carrara!


CARRARA is a city found in the northwestern part of Italy in the famous region of Tuscany. It is unique in the world due to the Apuane Alps that run alongside the coast south of Liguria. Not only do the Apuanes create a unique scenery by giving the inhabitants mountain and coastal living but they also yield some of the most beautiful and unique marbles that have been quarried for over 2,000 years.

CARRARA MARBLE has been used since the Roman Age and can be found all over the world. The quarries yield mostly white and grey stones that are symbols of a classic elegance and have become timeless with their utilization in modern architecture and design. Carrara Marble comes in different classifications and varieties:

CARRARA CD: Is the most common form of Carrara Marble as it is most prevalent in the quarries. The background has a white/grey tone with a variety of grey veining patterns.

CARRARA JOIA (VENATO): Has a similar background color to the Carrara CD selection. The veining pattern is what makes it unique as the material mostly possess smaller thin linear veins.

STATUARIO: Is one of the rarer selections of whites from the Carrara quaries. Statuario is characterized by a whiter background with sporadic grey dramatic thick veins. Statuario was used for many of the renaissance monuments.

STATUARIO VENATO: Has a white background but the veining is not as thick or dramatic as the Statuario. The veins are smaller, thin, linear veins.

CALACATTA: Also has a nice white background. The veining is different than Statuario in the sense that they form more ondulated patterns.

CALACATTA GOLD: Is a variety with veining similar to the regular CALACATTA but the background has a creamy/gold tint with some veins and sections yielding a darker gold vein.

PAONAZZO: Is one of the most unique selections of Italian Whites as it is found in very limited quarries. Aesthetically the background is a white/cream and the veins are gold/ambar with sporadic browns manifested in very strong veining patterns.

BARDIGLIO: Is not white at all but has a very beautiful grey background with a cloudy vein.