MARINA & CARRARA was born out of love for the Mediterranean lifestyle. We grew up in Spain along the Mediterranean shores and now spend our time between Miami, Spain, Italy, and Panama. Vespas have always been a part of our life as they are practical and beautiful forms of transportation, especially in urban and coastal settings. Now we have the pleasure of helping you own a little piece of history.

We have partnered with a group of well established and competent mechanics that find and restore Piaggio Italian made 1960’s-1970’s Vespas. These mechanics are located in Europe and Asia and use 100% new original Piaggio parts for the restorations. Your Vintage Vespa will be essentially re-built from scratch. All of our Vespas go through an engine and chassis number verification against Piaggio’s original factory lists. They will also come with a 120 day parts warranty. Our local stocks make it easy for you to see and feel what you will receive. We can also fulfill most customized requested within 45-70 days. Hopefully you will find our service to be friendly and accurate.


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